• Aerial Handler Hooks
     • Protective Equipment

          >Grounding Ferrules
          > Grounding Clamps
          >Compression Dies
     • Canvas & Vinyl
        Tool Bags & Holders
     • Slings, Harnesses,
        & Straps
     • Handline Assemblies
     • Rescue Kits
     • Leather Scabbards
        & Saddles
     • Leather Body Belts

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Since 1947,SafetyTesthas been hard at work producing quality products for the utility industry. Our production team has many years of experience and delivers innovative, reliable and high performance tools and tool accessories to make your work days (and work nights) more safe and efficient.

When introducing new products, or improving current ones, we are dedicated and committed to the highest standards you have always counted on.  We welcome your ideas for custom orders and look forward to being your partner in safety and quality.

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Your Partner in Safety & Equipment Since 1947

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On-Site Manufacturing
     • Plastic Injection
     • Plastic Molding
     • Cast Metal Forging
     • Metal Machining
     • Cut & Sew Operations
     • Rope Splice & Braid