Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

SafetyTest & Equipment Co. Inc. was founded by Dennis A. Beam Jr. in 1964. Mr. Beam returned home to Shelby, North Carolina in 1958 after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completion of U.S. Air Force Reserve Guard training in Waco, Texas. The concept was inspired by Mr. Beam and his brother-in-law Robert John LaVene of Rutland, Vermont. In 1958, Mr. LaVene was serving as District Manager for The F. A. Tucker Co., who was fulfilling an electrical construction contract in the Carolinas for Duke Power Co. The F.A. Tucker Co. was utilizing, for their protective equipment testing services, a proprietorship formed in 1947 named “SafetyTest.” In 1958, Mr. Beam and Mr. LaVene purchased the testing equipment and other assets of “SafetyTest” and began providing testing services from their homes for local public utilities and contractors .

During the next few years the partners acquired the George P. Mull Leather Co. out of Vale N.C. and began manufacturing electrical utility & arborist equipment. These products included climbing equipment such as body belts, tree saddles, harnesses, climber pads/straps, pole straps, tree lanyards and a wide variety of bags and pouches. In 1964, SafetyTest purchased Duncan Felts Meter & Testing Co. of South Carolina. It was at this time that Dennis A. Beam Jr. incorporated SafetyTest & Equipment Co. and purchased the remaining stock from his brother in-law Robert LaVene.

In 1997, Drew A. Beam and Dennis A. Beam, III. purchased SafetyTest from their father. Drew took on the role of “hands-on” Operations Manager, making new and great strides to expand and improve the campus of SafetyTest. The changes began with significant increases in product line selection and resources, a brand new testing laboratory, retail showroom, production area, tool services center, and an expanded warehouse.

Brothers and partners, Drew and Dennis III. are never satisfied with just maintaining a level of success, but continue to be leaders...setting the bar high, expanding and growing, to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. With a significant increase in sales and market share, the innovation and cutting edge technology continues.

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff members, SafetyTest and Equipment Company has been and continues to be “your partner in safety and equipment since 1947.”